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Thursday, 30 March 2017

2017 Badge Notice 




The Deck at Dunoon


Sporting Clubs 

 2015 Grand finals day

For Club Bus information and bookings, please call 6689 5444

Friday Nights available for bookings thanks to Robert volunteering as Driver - call the club on 6689 5444


Otherwise only available for group booking. May be hired for excursions or attending events.


All enquires to the club.


 What's On  







 Havoc 2









Friday Night 
Raffles & 

Members Draw

between 7 & 8pm

Next Fridays





Free Bingo

1st & 3rd Wednesday
of t

he month 

starting @ 6:30pm


Pool Comp

Every Thursday Night
starting @ 7pm

 Not unNtil AprilTrivia advert Rod

Free Trivia

2nd & 4th W





ednNot until Aprilsday
of the month
starting @ 6:30p

Trivia Afternoon

3rd Saturday
of each month

Starting @ 3pm


Pluckers & Poets

2nd Sunday
of each month

Starting @ 3pm


Club Opening Hours 

  Open Close
Monday 4pm 7pm
Tuesday 4pm 7pm
Wednesday 4pm 9pm
Thursday 4pm 10pm
Friday 3pm 11pm
Saturday 1pm 9pm unless busy
Sunday 3pm 7pm

Restaurant Opening Hours

  Open Close
Monday N/A N/A
Tuesday N/A N/A
Wednesday 6pm 8pm
Thursday 6pm 8pm
Friday 6pm 8pm
Saturday 6pm 8pm
Sunday N/A N/A

Please Note: Orders will be taken after 8pm if kitchen still cooking

Club Contact Information

 Phone:    02 6689 5444

 02 6689 5641

Address:  Cowley Road, Dunoon  NSW 2480
Mail to:   Post Office, Dunoon NSW 2480


 Restaurant Contact Information

 Phone: 02 6689 5469